The Sage Group

Research Methodology

A unique disease-based approach

Begins with a disease or medical problem representing a significant market or one with high-growth potential

Analyzes the disease, underlying causes, co-morbidities, consequences and treatments

Disease analysis establishes the basis for an evaluation and comparison of current and future therapeutic solutions

Reviews all current and future pharmaceutical and medical device therapies

Focuses on pharmaceutical and medical device products currently approved in the U.S., as well as those in research

References are provided and sources cited

Disease prevalence estimates based on

  • Peer-reviewed research studies
  • Prevalence in people with co-existing diseases
  • U.S. demographic data
  • Government and non-profit foundation data
  • Industry estimates

Market potential projections

  • Market potential based on demographics-not current market estimated by industry
  • Derived from THE SAGE GROUP estimates of disease prevalence
  • Based on estimates of prevalence, percentage diagnosed, percentage treated and numbers of people that could potentially be treated with a therapy
  • Provided for both pharmaceutical and interventional technologies
  • Forecast by therapeutic category from 2000 through 2020
  • Forecast by vascular territory from 2000 through 2020

Primary sources peer-reviewed medical research

Additional Sources Include:

  • Medical group and society publications
  • Government documents
  • Continuing Medical Education courses
  • Medical meetings
  • Industry and company publications and meetings

Reports designed to facilitate decision making

Reports provide a comprehensive analysis of a disease, causes, prevalence, therapeutic solutions, market and product opportunities as well as the company participants.

Research identifies attractive investment opportunities in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors.

Investment opportunities include markets, products and public and private companies