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Proprietary Research Databases

PAD Projected by Diabetes Method PAD by Age & Glucose Status 2010-2030
CLI Projected by Diabetes Method CLI by PAD, Age & Glucose Status 2010-2030
PAD by Disease Severity IC, CLI, Asymptomatic 2010-2030
PAD Percent Diagnosed & Treated Historic Projected 1997-2010*
CLI by Rutherford Category Rutherford 4, Rutherford 5, Rutherford 6 2010-2030
CLI Treatment Pathways Revascularization, Amputation, Palliative 2010-2030
CLI Treatment Pathways by Rutherford Category Revascularization, Amputation, Palliative 2010-2030
IC Treatment Pathways Revascularization, Amputation, Exercise, Drug, None 2010-2030
PAD Interventional Market Endovascular, Surgical Bypass, Amputation 1997-2010*
PAD Interventional Market by Vascular Territory Aortoiliac, Femoropopliteal, Tibioperoneal 1997-2010*
PAD Analysis of Angioplasty & Atherectomy Number of Procedures, Dollar value 2003-2010
Hospital Discharges by Disease Severity IC, CLI 1997-2010*
Hospital Costs (Charges) by Disease Severity IC, CLI 1997-2010*

*Most recent year available