The Sage Group


  • Cost-Effective—Proprietary Research Databases as well as extensive published research can reduce the number of hours and costs involved in a custom project
  • Hourly consulting rates—reasonable and competitive
  • Projects quoted on an hourly basis or on fixed-price basis
  • Detailed and highly specific consulting proposals contain exact type of data to be delivered and delivery format and dates
  • Modular delivery available for larger projects
  • Dollar size of projects has ranged from $500 to over $20,000

Sample Consulting Projects and Costs

Projects Under $1,000

Coding and Reimbursement Rates for PAD Hospital Inpatient Revascularization Procedures, Hospital Outpatient Revascularization Procedures and Physician Revascularization.

Identified specific PAD ICD-9 diagnostic codes, ICD-9 procedure codes, hospital inpatient and outpatient payment codes and CPT codes for PAD procedures and average reimbursement rates for each. Included analysis of new MS-DRG payment system, comparison of inpatient and outpatient reimbursements as well as other changes in the reimbursement systems.

Created 2009 Reimbursement Guide for Recanalization Device

Included Diagnostic Codes, Procedure Codes and MS-DRG Codes as well as sample reimbursement rates

Projects of $1,000 to $10,000

Physician Specialties Involved in the Diagnosis and Management of PAD.

Identified physician groups and numbers who diagnose and treat PAD, quantified percentage awareness and treatment strategies, Specified types of treatment and percentages employing specific therapies

Consumer Knowledge and Awareness of PAD

Literature survey, analysis and review of consumer knowledge and awareness of PAD.

Intermittent Claudication (IC)-Current Market

Literature survey, analysis and review of the historic IC market, current market, potential market and competitive overview for the U.S. and Western Europe markets for IC therapies.

Intermittent Claudication (IC)-New Therapies

Literature survey, analysis and review of new therapies for IC.

Projects Exceeding $10,000

Preparation of Document for Orphan Drug Application (Collaborated with Company Executives)

Quantified US patient market for a new therapy to treat acute peripheral occlusion employing hospital data on diagnosis and treatment of acute limb ischemia

Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI) Analysis by Rutherford Category (Disease Severity) U.S. and 15 Western European Markets 2010-2030

CLI patients by Rutherford Category; CLI patients by treatment pathway; number of CLI patients in each Rutherford Category by treatment category; percent of patients diagnosed and treated. All markets estimated in number of limbs as well as number of patients.

Critical LImb Ischemia: The Cost of Major Amputation Versus the Cost of Endovascular Revascularization

Limb Salvage Program: Economic Analysis

Critical Limb Ischemia: Analysis of the Key Elements of a Hospital- Based Limb Salvage Program

Costs and Benefits of Screening for PAD in High-Risk Patient Groups