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THE SAGE GROUP LLC Celebrates its 10th Anniversary as the Leading Research and Consulting Company Specializing in Peripheral Artery Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia

ATLANTA, May 16, 2012(BUSINESS WIRE)—Mary L. Yost, President of THE SAGE GROUP LLC, announced that 2012 marked the company’s 10th anniversary.

“I believe that we are the only research and consulting company focusing exclusively on peripheral artery disease (PAD). This puts us in the unique position to be the complete ‘one-stop’ resource for companies seeking information on atherosclerotic lower limb disease,” explained Ms. Yost.
PAD, also known as peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is characterized by a reduction of blood flow to the lower limbs due to atherosclerosis.
In the severe stages of PAD (critical limb ischemia or CLI) blood flow is so inadequate that ulcerations and gangrene occur. Once PAD has progressed to CLI, the risks of limb loss and mortality increase.

“As we enter our second decade of client service, THE SAGE GROUP feels privileged to have assisted in the fight to raise awareness of this deadly and costly disease,” Yost stated. “Although awareness has increased, there is still much work to do. PAD and CLI remain underdiagnosed and undertreated. Consequently, amputationis frequently the first procedure patients undergo.”

THE SAGE GROUP estimates that approximately 150,000 PAD-related amputations are performed annually in the U.S. “The tragedy is that early diagnosis and treatment could eliminate many of these amputations,” declared Yost.

“Amputation is not only extremely undesirable from the patient’s viewpoint it is socially undesirable in terms of costs. The inability of a large percentage of these amputees to live independently adds significantly to the total cost burden,” Yost declared.

A recent SAGE GROUP analysis concluded that the direct cost of PAD is $164-$290 billion. Including the “hidden costs” of diabetic foot ulcers, the total economic burden increases to $225-$351 billion.

According to Ms. Yost, “PAD is expensive to treat because it is frequently not diagnosed or treated until the most severe stage, critical limb ischemia. Then patients require hospitalization for costly revascularization procedures and amputations. In addition, people with PAD suffer disproportionately from other cardiovascular diseases requiring hospitalization for heart attack, stroke and other vascular conditions.”

“PAD is not just a leg problem; it is also a heart and a brain problem,” Yost declared. “These patients don’t usually die from “leg disease”— 50%-60% die from a heart attack and 10% a stroke.”

According to THE SAGE GROUP, almost 18 million U.S. citizens suffer from PAD. Of these 2.8-3.5 million are afflicted with end-stage disease or CLI.

THE SAGE GROUP, a research and consulting company, specializes in atherosclerotic disease in the lower limbs, specifically PAD (Peripheral Artery Disease), CLI (Critical Limb Ischemia) and ALI (Acute Limb Ischemia) as well as PAD and diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). The most recently published economic research is “The Real Cost of Peripheral Artery Disease”.

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