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Critical Limb Ischemia, Volume II Western Europe Epidemiology, 2010

Prevalence, Market Opportunities and Analysis of the Most Common Comorbidity: Diabetes

Population-based research on the epidemiology of critical limb ischemia (CLI) in Western Europe remains almost non-existent. To date, the number of people suffering from CLI has generally been estimated based on fewer than 5 papers published on specific European populations.

CLI Volume II contains a comprehensive analysis of the 2010 prevalence of diabetes, peripheral artertery disease (PAD) and critical limb ischemia in each of the 15 major Western European markets. The prevalence of PAD and CLI are projected for the 2010-2030 periods. Based on the 2010-2030 projections the market opportunities for endovascular and pharmaceutical therapies to treat critical limb ischemia are assessed.

Prevalence is defined as the number of new and old cases of critical limb ischemia.

Peer-reviewed research on the incidence and prevalence of diabetes, peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischemia is reviewed, analyzed and assessed for each country. The 15 countries include: Germany, Italy, Spain, the U.K., France, Greece, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

CLI prevalence is estimated based on The Diabetes Method, which was previously validated in CLI Volume I. The Diabetes Method begins with segmenting the population of each country by age and glucose status, calculating the prevalence of peripheral arterial disease in each glucose category and finally the prevalence of critical ischemia by PAD and glucose status.

Market implications for the total Western European region are assessed for endovascular devices (stents, angioplasty atherectomy and chronic total occlusions), pharmaceuticals for risk factor modification, thrombolytics, mechanical thrombectomy devices and adjunct therapies in revascularized patients.

The number of Western European patients, as well as the number of limbs requiring endovascular revascularization, surgical bypass and specialized chronic total occlusion therapies is projected for the 2010-2030 periods. Additional market projections include the number of patients requiring risk factor modification therapies such as antihypertensives, antilipids and antiplatelets.

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