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THE SAGE GROUP Reports that Approximately 14 Million People in South America Suffer from Peripheral Artery Disease

ATLANTA, July 9, 2013 (BUSINESS WIRE)—A recent analysis published by THE SAGE GROUP concluded that over 14 million South Americans have peripheral artery disease (PAD). Reflecting the ageing population, this number is projected to exceed 23 million by 2030.
Critical limb ischemia (CLI), the most severe and deadly form of PAD, afflicts 1.3 million South Americans. By 2030 that number is forecast to grow to 2.5 million.

“The number of South Americans with PAD is only moderately less than the 17.6 million afflicted in the U.S.,” stated Mary L. Yost, President of THE SAGE GROUP. “This reflects the high and growing prevalence of cardiovascular disease risk factors such as hypertension, elevated cholesterol, obesity and particularly diabetes. In addition, the South American continent is ageing.”

“Age and diabetes are two significant risk factors for PAD,” Yost explained. “In diabetics ages 50 and older, 30% to 40% suffer from PAD whereas in those with normal glucose 10%-20% have the disease.”

“The global epidemic of diabetes is driving the worldwide growth of PAD. Unfortunately, South America is not immune,” declared Yost.

According to the report, the largest numbers of citizens suffering from PAD are located in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia. These 3 countries account for 76% of PAD and 79% of CLI prevalence in South America.

About the Report: South America Diabetes, Peripheral Artery Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia.

The report contains a comprehensive analysis of the prevalence of diabetes, PAD and CLI in each of the 10 countries of South America in 2010 and projects these numbers through 2030. PAD and CLI are estimated according to the Diabetes Method, a population-based projection model developed by THE SAGE GROUP. PAD and CLI estimates are based on the prevalence of diabetes and normal glucose in specific high-risk age groups.


THE SAGE GROUP, a research and consulting company, specializes in atherosclerotic disease in the lower limbs, specifically PAD, IC, CLI and ALI (Acute Limb Ischemia) as well as ischemic diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) and dysvascular amputation. Recent research focuses on quantifying the economic and social costs of PAD and amputation.

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